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AS’ story

This is AS’ story

At 15 I wasn’t old enough to go anywhere else so went to a mother and baby foster placement. Things were ok at the beginning, but then after a while I wasn’t progressing and the foster carer said I should stay there until I was 18. The foster carer wouldn’t let me use the washing machine, hoover or cooker and oven unless she was there. She controlled the heating and told me off when I put it on because it was cold. I wasn’t allowed my full money to budget so didn’t learn how to do that but she was telling Social Care that I wasn’t any good at independent living.


There was lots of confusion, especially at meetings where she would report things differently to what was really happening. I didn’t have the confidence then to say anything. I knew I could look after my son but felt that I wasn’t given the chance. Social Care were worried and said that I would lose my child if I didn’t progress but I knew I couldn’t do it there as my confidence was low. When I did try, she would say that I was ‘putting a show on’.

In the end Social Care moved me to Gawber Road to give me the chance to show I could do it on my own as it had never been clear who did what.

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'I started to get my confidence back and staff supported me rather than having a go. 'AS


When I came to Gawber Road, I was petrified at first as I had believed that I couldn’t do it on my own. After a couple of weeks I started to get my confidence back and staff supported me rather than having a go. I started to speak up more about what I could and couldn’t do and I also was able to tell staff when I got mixed messages or didn’t understand. It was much easier to do that here cos you don’t have to live with them (staff) and they’re honest with you. Staff enjoy seeing you do things well and they tell you when you’re doing well. In foster care, you’re just living there so there’s no real assessment and you haven’t got targets to reach.


I think that if I hadn’t come to Gawber Road then I wouldn’t have my son because the foster carer wouldn’t let me do so much stuff. I would say to people come to Gawber Road because it’s reality; in foster care they’ll cook your meals and do stuff for you; here you have to do everything and now I can do that in my own home.