Twenty Four Seven

Anonymous: Family Assessment

This is their story

‘I am writing this to explain my journey at Gawber Road Twenty-Four Seven family residential assessement centre.

It has been amazing journey so far. All staff and house members have been so lovely towards me and my two beautiful daughters. Actually it has been very helpful time period for me as a single dad with two daughters. All staff members advised me, guided me and teach me a lot of parenting styles. I must say coming here I learn playing and development with my kids. And the help of staff giving us weekly planners make my timetable more flexible and beneficial for me and my kids.


Since I moved in, I was the only Muslim member of the house but everyone has been really respectful towards me and my religion. Staff members actually helped me as well to find Muslim Community Centre so I can make my Friday prayer. Staff members always been helpful for my religious respect and never feel any difference towards me as Muslim; they always been so nice to me and explained their language and culture as well, so I can easily get along with other residents. It’s actually really great that they arrange music and play sessions so that me and my daughters can communicate with other residents. One thing really clear about 24-7 is that staff members help and deal with you as human being, not with your colour or religion. I am really happy that I had chance to work with such lovely staff’.

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